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Expansion is on the Horizon: Meet Mr. Graham

Let's meet Mr. Graham who's one of our newest faculty in the Department of Computer Science. Mr. Graham will help lead the students in the area of telecommunications, computer networks, and cyber security. This is a really big deal because we're enhancing our cyber security area and we needed additional resources to make that happen. We believe that Mr. Graham will be a huge asset to the Department and we're so excited to have him onboard.

Mr. Rasheed Graham is originally from the Midwest. He started his higher education briefly at USC Beaufort, South Carolina completing one semester. Then years later at ITT Technical Institute, he completed an associate degree in computer networking then a bachelor's in information security systems.

Simultaneously, Mr. Graham began his journey seeking industry experience working for Time Warner Cable as a Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI) field technician. After 19 years in the industry, he worked through the engineering ranks from radio frequencies (RF) to IP for four major cable companies and obtained a Masters in Telecommunications Technology from the University of Denver with a minor in Cyber Security in 2018. Lastly, Mr. Graham is pursuing his E.D. from University of Southern California in Organizational Change.

Join me in welcoming Mr. Graham at THE Shaw University.


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