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Shaw University High Tech Summer Immersion Program

RALEIGH, N.C. (2022) The High-Tech Summer Immersion Program is a Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency and Project REACH sponsored program designed to give participants fundamental introductions to cybersecurity, programming, game development, and networking. During the camp, the students worked with Raspberry Pis, which are mini computers, to build fully-functional PCs. Shaw University is known for many significant milestones throughout its storied history.

This program strives to be a part of the solution to the young professionals. We wanted to expose them to tools ensuring that technology is critical to the future of our country’s national space and how it's important to our daily lives. This program was led by Department Head Dr. James Brown. Dr. Brown has the vision to help inspire and uplift the younger generation to become top cyber professionals.

This program resembled that through range of mini-lectures, hands-on labs, and team-building that engaged learners using multiple modalities. These concepts helped students take active ownership of their learning experiences.

The students received a certificate for completing the cyber program

Students not only learn the basics of technology, they also were exposed to cyber security. They also begin to see how cyber is a part of their everyday lives. This was a great opportunity to introduce the younger generation to the exciting possibilities within cybersecurity. Cyber touches everything and is involved with every piece of technology. Being that we use computer networks for just about everything, cybersecurity is needed in the critical sectors of transportation, software applications, and more.

Meet the Program Director

Dr. James Brown, Ph. D


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