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This is Amazing: Welcome Aboard Dr. Amador!

Meet Dr. Humberto who's one of our newest Adjunct Professors. We're so excited to have Dr. Humberto Amador as he will help drive the information technology sector. One of the goals here at THE Shaw University is to upskill students with all aspects of technology. This can range from computers, networks, applications, mobile devices, and more. There's really no end to technology so you can imagine how big this is for us. With Dr. Amador's expertise, we have no doubt that we'll get where we need to be in technology. In the Department, Dr. Amador will teach the different aspects of technology and how it's applied to our everyday use.

Dr. Amador spent ten years as a systems engineer focused on virtualization and storage systems. He holds a bachelor’s in forensic science with a focus on cybercriminal investigations and counterterrorism, has an MBA in IT project management, and received his Doctor of Information Technology degree from Capella University. His goal is to help change the world through IT and Data!

We're so excited to have Dr. Amador on the team. Join me in welcoming Dr. Humberto Amador.


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